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- On the equatorial Dehn twist of a Lagrangian nodal sphere, Proceedings of the 22nd Gokova Geometry/Topology conference (2017), arxiv

- Mayer-Vietoris property for relative symplectic homology (thesisarxiv - new version) - accepted for publication in Geom. Topol.

(I am planning on writing a seperate and a mildly edited version of the Chapter 4 of my thesis as soon as I can. Please let me know if you have any comments. I am aware of some typos, but not of a serious mistake.)

-Seifert form of chain type invertible singularities - arxiv

-Super-rigidity of certain skeleta using relative symplectic cohomology (joint with Dmitry Tonkonog) - arxiv

Ongoing projects

- Non-archimedean mirrors of almost toric fibrations (joint with Yoel Groman) - in writing

- Local Fukaya category (joint with Mohammed Abouzaid and Yoel Groman)


- Slides from my talk at the Simons Colloboration on HMS annual meeting 2019


- Winter 2019: Math 113 and 215B

- Spring 2019: Math 257C

- Fall 2019: Math 147 and 257A

- Spring 2020: Math 53

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