Math 257C

Hamiltonian Floer theory 

(Tu-Th 10:30-11:50 @ Herrin T195)

Lecture Notes

April 2 (by Sarah)

April 4 (by Dylan)

April 11 (by Ipsita)

April 16 (by Daren)

April 18 (by Sarah)

April 23 (by Dylan/Lie)

April 25 (by Dylan)

April 30 (by Daren)

May 2 (by Sarah)

May 7 (by Lie)

May 9 (by Ipsita)

May 14 (by Dylan)

May 16 (by Daren)

May 21 (by Sarah)

May 23 (by Dylan)

May 28 (by Daren)

May 30 (by Ipsita)


Week 1: Stable manifold theorem as an introduction to functional methods

Week 2: Overview of index theory (one class)

Week 3: Spectral flow and indices of operators on cylinders, Maslov index and spectral flow

Week 4: Maslov index and spectral flow (ctd.), Quick completion of the analytic programme for Morse theory

Week 5: Introduction to Hamiltonian Floer theory, energy, asymptotic convergence (statement)

Week 6: Asymptotic convergence (proof), Theorem 1.24 in Salamon

Week 7: Mixed index, transversality, compactness

Week 8: Gluing, orientations

Week 9: Continuation maps, Novikov field, CY case

No class during the week of 3-7 June (last week) due to Kylerec


Schwarz - Morse homology (book) W1 (we will go back to Morse theory quite a bit, so this will be used more later)

Atiyah, Patodi, Singer - Spectral asymmetry and Riemannian geometry I, III W2

Kronheimer, Mrowka - Monopoles and Three Manifolds (Sections 14.1, 14.2, 17.1) W3

Salamon, Zehnder - Morse theory for periodic solutions of Hamiltonian systems and the Maslov index W3

Salamon - Lectures in Floer homology (most important reference for the course) W4-8

Floer - The unregularized gradient flow of the symplectic action W4-5

Floer, Hofer, Salamon - Transversality in elliptic Morse theory for the symplectic action W7

Floer, Hofer - Coherent orientations for periodic orbit problems in symplectic geometry W8

Floer, Hofer - Floer homology and Novikov rings W9

Seidel - A biased view of symplectic cohomology W9




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